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Why Advertise With Bahamas Finder?

  • We are the largest Bahamian directory on the internet.
  • Our website brings in hundreds of thousands of viewers monthly.
  • We make our website easy to navigate.
  • It only takes a few clicks to find a vendor.
  • Bahamas Finder is used by hundreds of businesses to generate new customers.
  • We are easy to find on all major search engines.
  • We provide a link to send customers directly to your website.

What You Get When You Advertise With Bahamas Finder.

A complete company profile that includes...

  • Your Business Name
  • You Business Address
  • A Map Of Where Your Business Is
  • Your Business Phone Number
  • A Description Of Your Business
  • A Slideshow With Pictures Of Your Business
  • Your Business Logo
  • Your Business Website
  • Your Business Email
  • Two Pamphlets For Your Business

When you sign up for Bahamas Finder you will get a full company profile that will remain active for one full year. After that you will have the option to renew your advertisement. Bahamas Finder is a great way to generate new customers and increase your online market!

How To Sign Up.

Simply click the buy now button below. You will be redirected to paypal where you will pay for your advertisement. Paypal is a 100% secure and reliable way to transfer money. If you don't have a Paypal account you will need to enter your information, if you do have a Paypal account you can just sign in and pay for your advertisement directly.

Once you have payed for the advertisment you will be directed to the "create a vendor page". This is where you will enter all your information regarding your business. You will need at least six images for your business to make a complete profile. One logo, three slideshow images, and two pamphlet images or sidebar images (if you don't have pamphlet images to provide). From there your business will be submitted for approval. Once approved we will give you your username and password so you can sign in and change your business at any time. (If you do change your business it will be resubmitted for approval)

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Whether your business is large or small people are always looking for new things to do in the Bahamas. Bahamas Finder is the largest directory for anyone looking for something specific. With hundreds of thousands of visitors per month we are guaranteed to increase your online marketing presence and drive traffic to your business.

For just $99 per year you can build your own company profile and discover exactly why Bahamas Finder is used by hundreds of businesses throughout the country.

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Only 99 Dollars Per Year!

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