Bahamas Airports

Cave Cay Airstrip

Ok so you decided you want to visit the Bahamas, now how do you get to this amazing Island? There are 62 different public, private and seaplane only airports over the 18 Islands that have landing areas, to land in when you come for a visit. There are 6 International airports in the Bahamas, and they include San Salvador, Lynden Pinding International Airport, Grand Bahamas International Airport, Exuma International Airport, Rock Sound International Airport, Andros Town International Airport, just to name a few. See traveling to the islands is no problems at all. You just need to pick what Island you are headed to and then find a flight there!

If you are thinking that there are no direct flight and you hate layovers, then you would be wrong again. There are direct flights from most major airports on the weekend days and even a few mid week direct flights too. So no matter what one of the 29 Islands you want to travel to there is an airport nearby. Be sure to have your passport ready and the Bahamas is calling you to come and explore! Below are a list of the major airports in the Bahamas

Airport Name

Airport Location

Runway Length (ft)

Lynden Pindling International Airport


11,000 by 150

San Salvador Airport

Cockburn Town

8,000 by 180

Grand Bahama International Airport


11,000 by 150

Exuma International Airport

Great Exuma Island

8,000 by 100

Rock Sound International Airport


7,200 by 150

Andros Town International Airport


4,000 by 100

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