Getting There


Most major airlines travel directly to the Bahamas. Air travel is the most frequently used way for you to get into the Bahamas and depending on where you live can be as short of a flight as 30 minutes. If an island you wish to go to doesn't have an international airport you can arrive in an island that does and take another plane from island to island. Make sure to have your passport of visa when going through Airport security or you will not be allowed to travel.

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Cruise Ships

Many cruise ships make stops in the Bahamas. Make sure to plan ahead and book the right cruise ship if you are thinking about stopping in the Bahamas. Most cruise ships stop in either Nassau or Freeport which are both good destination options if you want to go to the Bahamas. Make sure you research the perfect cruise for you that includes the right cabin and matches your budget perfectly.

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Sailing and Yachting

A lot of people enjoy traveling in their own boat or yacht to the Bahamas. Since the islands are a mere 50 miles from the coast of Florida, a sailing trip to the Bahamas is a fun option for all. Before you do enter the Bahamas you must first know to follow these few guidelines. You must clear Customs and Immigration at a designated port of entry. As you sail into the port you must fly a yellow quarantine flag to notify that you have not officially been admitted yet. Every passenger after that must show proof of citizenship and a passport before they are officially entered into the Bahamas and an entry fee is required depending on the size of your boat.

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