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A Stones Throw Away

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P.O. Box SP-63101, Nassau Located on Tropical Gardens Road & Gambier Heights off West Bay Street.




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A Stone's Throw Away is located on the West end of New Providence Island in an exclusive hideaway, perched on top of one of the highest elevations on the coast. Nestled between the native pine forest of Lake Killarney and the beautiful protective coral reefs, A Stone's Throw Away has the perfect location to enjoy the magnificent views and the best location too!

The beautiful building was built just 7 short years ago, but it represents the older historic Bahamian homes and makes you feel almost as you step back in time, only beautiful updated and modern. As you sit on the porch and enjoy the breathtaking views you can almost hear the music of the Islands within the whisper of the trade winds. If you are looking for a special place to stay that is more like a home or bed & Breakfast, then A Stone's Throw Away is the place for you.

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