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Kalik Bahamian Beer

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Located on Clifton Pier, SW Road New Providence




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Kalik is the unofficially the official beer of the Bahamas. It is owned by Heineken International, and as part of a study that was conducted in 1988, Heineken found there to be a missing part of the beer market in Nassau. Kalik is currently brewed by the Commonwealth Brewery right in Nassau. So if you are in the Bahamas and looking for a fresh local beer, then look no more. Kalik is cold and ready for you! Kalik comes in a four different flavors so be sure to try all of them, regular Kalik with 5% alcohol per volume, Kalik Lime (4%), Kalik Light (4%) and of course extra strength Kalik Gold (7%).

The origin of Kalik's name is said to have come from the sound of the cow bells at the local Junkanoo festival. So if you are looking for a refreshing cold beer when you are in Nassau, then be sure to tour the brewery on your next visit!

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