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Tru Bahamian Food Tour

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Located in the Down town area. P.O. Box N-386, Nassau




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Tru Bahamian Food Tour gives you a great way to taste some of the greater culinary delights of Nassau all in one night. You will be stopping at a minimum of 5 restaurants when you are on the tour and will be served small specialty meals. So if you are looking for a great way to taste part of Bahamian History then be sure to come hungry and ready to sample some of the best Nassau has to offer.

At Tru Bahamian Food Tour they start at 12:15 every Monday-Saturday and begin your tour at the Pirates of Nassau on the corner of Marlborough and George Street. Make sure and wear comfortable shoes and bring your appetite. Smaller groups of less than 20 people are all that you should expect on your tour, so be sure to call today and book your Food Tour Pro's tasting today!

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