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Averys Restaurant And Bar

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PO Box N607, Adelaide Village off Carmichael Road, Nassau




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Avery's Restaurant and Bar is located about 15 minutes outside of down town Nassau area. The owner is a Bahamian native that will gladly talk your ear off and fill you in on some of the islands history as you get served a true Bahamian meal. You can try the amazing chicken that has a little extra spice that makes it melt in your mouth and keeps you wanting to come back for more, or not to mention the delicious cracked Conch that is just as good.

This is a little local spot that is hidden from the Tourist trap type places and you get a true Bahamian feel as soon as you walk in the door. So if you are ready to mingle with the locals stop by Avery's Restaurant and Bar for some great food too! Look for this hidden gem near Tingum Village.

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