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Bamboo Shack

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Charmichael Road, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas




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Bamboo Shack is located throughout Nassau. If you are looking for a great place to stop and get a snack that will fill you up then the Grouper Fingers are the thing to try when you visit the Bamboo Shack. No only will you get a delicious tasting meal, but it will also be a large portion and you are sure not be hungry when you leave.

Be sure to try the cracked Conch when you visit the Bamboo Shack too, and also the fried chicken, burgers, macaroni and fried fish are amazing too! So if you are looking for a great grab and go snack or meal then Bamboo Shack is the best place to go. The Bamboo Shack has locations on Prince Charles Drive, Nassau Street, Wulff Road, Charmichael Road, Southwest Plaza on Charmichael Road, Soldier Road and Blue Hill Road.

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