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Beverlys Kitchen

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Carmicheal Road, P.O. Box N-355 Nassau, Bahamas




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Beverly's Kitchen is located on Carmicheal Street just on the out skirts of Nassau, and just west of the Police Station. This small restaurant started out about 5 years ago offering great Bahamian and Jamaican dishes for both take out and dining in. Some of the more popular dishes are Oxtail dinner with macaroni and plantains, Jerk Pork dinner also served with macaroni and plantains, and Jerk Chicken with potato salad and Corn, not to mention the ever changing soup of the day!

So if you are looking for some great Bahamian food and you are not scared off by a little outdated and not so fancy establishment, then be sure to stop be Beverly's Kitchen and get some good old fashion home style cooking.

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