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Oasis Seafood

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P.O. Bix CR-56261, Nassau The Bahamas




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Oasis Seafood is located on East Street and Coconut Grove Ave, just across the street from Anna's Fashion. They specialize in tenderize Conch, Lobster meat, breaded shrimp and of course clean snapper. They run some great package specials seasonally too, so be sure to check their Facebook page for all the details. From the great lobster, shrimp combo's to the fresh snapper and grouper, and don't forget the calamari too, Oasis Seafood has it all covered.

Some great items that are on the menu are Conch Snacks, Conch Fritters, and of course the Conch Burger. So if you want authentic Bahamian food then be sure to visit Oasis Seafood.

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