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Timeless Tattoo

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Located on Alexander Street in Palmdale P.O .Box SS-19480, Nassau




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Timeless Tattoo is Nassau's First and finest Tattoo studio and is family owned. Since Timeless Tattoo opened the doors in 1994, they understand what's important to you, and offering you unique artistry, knowledgeable staff, and a clean sterile shop.

At Timeless Tattoo they will give you the same great care, no matter if it's your first tattoo or if you are a tattoo addict and it's your 100th tattoo. So don't trust your skin to anyone else, stop by Timeless Tattoo today and see what they have to offer and what great sketches and art work they have already performed on others. Remember to ask as many questions as you want, at Timeless Tattoo they want you to feel 100% comfortable before you get any art work done. So check them out when you are ready for your first or next tattoo!

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