Planning Your Trip


Budgeting is an extremely important part of traveling to the Bahamas. Sufficient research is necessary to ensure that your trip doesn't go over budget.

It doesn't matter where you go in the Bahamas you are going to need a place to stay. Rates can range from 40 dollars to 500 dollars depending on the quality of the place you are staying at and if you are traveling during peak season. Do research and book your rooms ahead of time to ensure that the room you have meets your budget.

In addition to a place to sleep you need something to eat. Depending on where you go and what you get a meal can range from 5 to 40 dollars. Tip is sometimes included but if not they usually hover around 15%.

If you plan on traveling transportation can get expensive depending on what you use. Buses travel all around the major cities and cost around 0.75 cents per person. Taxis are much more expensive and a 15% tip is expected. Rental cars are reasonably priced however if you have no experience with driving in the Bahamas they are not recommended.

Keeping occupied can also add up to be pretty expensive. Sunbathing and swimming is pretty cheap but if you want to go out snorkeling, fishing, scubadiving, or doing other activities they are going to cost a lot. If your resort is not all inclusive you will also be charged for drinks which can add up extremely quick.

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When To Go

Weather in the Bahamas doesn't vary much from season to season. The average temperature ranges from 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter tends to be cooler and is a popular time for people looking to travel. Summer tends to be hotter and much more humid. The summer brings a much greater chance for rain and hurricane season officially starts on June 1st and ends on November 30 however very rarely do hurricanes hit the Bahamas, most hit the shore of the US without even going near the Bahamas. Traveling to the Bahamas depends on whether you would like to deal with a large amount of people who travel there during the winter or not. If so then make sure to plan your winter trip months in advance.

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Booking Your Trip

Once you have found out when you want to go it's time to book your trip. Do some research on airlines and flights to match the specific time that you want to leave. From there you need to research the perfect hotel to match your budget and when your flight arrives and leaves the place you choose to go to. Depending on which airport you will fly into there should be tons of taxis and buses out front however if you would like to use a rental car make sure you reserve one before hand.

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Packing For The Trip

When packing for the Bahamas the first thing you are going to need is a valid passport or visa. Obtain either from your current country to fly or sail internationally. You will not be able to get into the Bahamas without having one of these so make sure you and whoever you are traveling with has one.

The next essential thing you need is to make sure you have more than enough money to get to to and from the Bahamas. Plan out however much you think you are going to spend and do some research so you know exactly how much you are going to spend then add an extra couple hundred for an emergency. When in the Bahamas you won't necessarily have to exchange money because the Bahamian Dollar and the United States Dollar are both widely accepted.

Next is any important documents such as hotel confirmation, rental car confirmation, plane tickets, and so on. These important documents should be kept track of throughout the trip.

Finally actually packing your bag is the next important step. If you plan on swimming a bathing suit is required. Next is walking around clothes. Shorts and a t-shirt or tank top is recommended. Be sure to bring a rain jacket with you as well because rain can be very unpredictable at times. Shoes and flip flops are great for footwear and dont forget undergarmets and socks. If you plan on going somewhere formal or you are on business a suit and tie is recommended. If you are taking any medication make sure to bring it along with you with the prescription next to it when you travel. Miscellanious items that you should bring include toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, sun block, cosmetics glasses, razors and shaving cream, and whatever else you need to bring. Follow this guide and you will have everything you need to make it through your trip to the Bahamas.

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