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New Providence

Nassau, Cable Beach, Paradise Island, The Fish Fry

New Providence harbors Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, and is the most populated island out of all 700 islands that make up the Bahamas. This island is also the most visited island by tourists and is a safe place to enjoy your stay in the Bahamas.

Nassau is the city that makes up most of the island of New Providence and always has something for you to do. In Nassau you can find Cable Beach, one of the most popular and famous beaches in the Bahamas. On the shoreline of Cable Beach you can find all the major resorts as well as plenty of things to do that include, jet skiing, snorkeling, and much more.

Just off the shore of New Providence is Paradise Island that has two bridges connecting it. This island harbors upscale resorts such as the Atlantis and is a very family friendly part of New Providence.

Grand Bahama Island


Grand Bahama Island has a lot to offer and is the second most populated island in the Bahamas. This island is a very well known tourist destination because it is not as crowded as New Providence yet still offers the same experience that you would get in Nassau just in a more secluded setting.

Hiking, fine dining, and relaxing beaches are all offered by this island. Freeport (the largest city on the island) offers plenty of fun things to do such as snorkeling in beautiful reefs, amazing local food, and much more. This popular tourist destination is sure to give you the time of your life.



Bimini is a popular hotspot for well known people and is an even bigger hotspot for those looking to hunt big game fish. Diving and snorkeling on Bimini's reefs are also extremely popular. Underwater treasures and extremely good fishing await on this island. Resorts and lodging are available on this island as well.

The Berry Islands

Great Harbour Cay

The Berry Islands consist of around 30 islands and are another great place to enjoy big game fishing in the Bahamas. Great Harbour is one of the most populated areas of the islands and is a hotspot for most local Bahamians.



Although Andros is two islands connected by canals and cays, its landmass makes it the largest island in the Bahamas. Andros is also home to the worlds third largest barrier reef. This island is one of the best when it comes to snorkeling and diving and gives you an unreal experience when it comes to diving.

The Abacos

Elbow Cay

This cluster of islands is mainly uninhabited and most boater and yachters visit to find a secluded place to hang out. While some islands are inhabited this area of the Bahamas consists mainly of small islands that no one lives on.


Harbour Island

Eleuthera is one of the most historic islands because it was the first island hit by settlers in 1648. This island is most rich in history and is a favorite hotspot for Caribbean history lovers. The island also has great diving and sandy beaches for anyone who wishes to kick back and relax.

The Exuma Islands

George Town

There are many islands that make up the Exumas. A large portion of this island is uninhabited and is a favorite hotspot for most yachters.

The Southern Bahamas

San Salvador, Cat Island, Long Island, Crooked Island

These islands are known for great fishing and diving. Many people travel to these islands to experience how a true Bahamian lives. Keep in mind that most accomodations are not resort style so be prepared when you travel to these islands.

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Etiquette And How To Act

Generally the Bahamian people are extremely friendly and polite. Humor is a big part of their culture and the Bahamian people love to laugh and joke around. That being said tourists should have no problem walking around native parts of the Bahamas and meeting new people as long as the tourists are being polite, humble, and respectful. Keep in mind as well that most Bahamians take religion very seriously. Sunday is usually a day of prayer and church going and people dress their finest on this day. It is not uncommon for Bible references to be used in everyday language.

With all this being said staying polite and humble while having a sense of humor should be all you need when meeting with anyone from the Bahamas. Etiquette is much the same as in the United States or in the UK so if you are from these countries you shouldn't have to worry about seeming too awkward.

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What To Wear

The Bahamas are very tropical and the weather for most part is sunny and hot. That being said dress for very warm weather. T-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, and sunscreen are advised. If you plan on swimming beachwear is advised. While the Bahamas are a tropical place you should keep a light jacket on you in case it starts to rain. Rain in the Bahamas comes on suddenly coming down in downpours and ending very quickly so having a light jacket if rain is expected is advised. If you are on business the people of the bahamas observe western formalities so a suite, jacket, and tie are appropriate.

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Staying Safe

The Bahamas are generally a very safe place to be. While crime does exist in some of the larger cities they very rarely involve tourists. However, that doesn't mean crime doesn't exist in the Bahamas. Stay in groups or near large groups of people, don't accept drinks or rides from strangers, don't travel alone through isolated areas, and consume alcohol in moderation. Stay smart and use street smarts you would use in any other city in the US in the Bahamas and you should be fine.

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Bahamian Culture

Bahamian culture has been influenced by hundreds of years of slavery, exploration, colonization and much more. Many of the residents live on the island of New Providence and are of West African decent. Slaves were originally brought from West Africa to the Bahamas to work on plantations. In 1834 slavery was abolished and many of the former slaves stayed on the islands and began trades.

Religion and Festivals are an important part of Bahamian culture. This is traced back to Puritan adventurers who traveled to the Bahamas to flee religous oppression. Celebration in the form of festivals can be traced back to the West African decent that includes music, flashy colors, and lots of fun. Festivals such as the Junkanoo, Fox Hill Festival, and the All Andros Crabfest are well known around the world. Parades, costumes, and food are a huge part of Bahamian festivals.

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